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We all know how creative the entire style of glam metal is, of course. However, style isn't the only aspect I'm going to refer to.

The glam scene was also determined; its fascinating that the scene lasted as long as it did, even if it was short. Of course, people will tend to focus on the negative aspects of glam, so here are the Taurus qualities that best fit it. Self-indulgence is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to a negative trait that best correlates to glam.

Like thrash stars, glam stars are equally as obnoxious, if not more. Being materialistic also works for glam, which somewhat ties into being self-indulgent. I was debating on whether to put experimental here or progressive. However, many would argue that there is less variety in recent progressive metal, so I concluded experimental would be a better choice.

I'm a Gemini myself, so I would first like to say that the main description that captivated my idea of an experimental concept was "inventive. In fact, the majority of these adjectives match experimental metal's sound in general. Along with the positive traits, most of the negative traits follow through well. However, in the genre's case it is less of a flaw and more of just an aspect of the music. However, that doesn't change the fact that a few of the negative traits of a gemini correlate with that of the experimental metal genre.

This really sounds like I'm saying metalcore is Cancer, but that's not the case, well, it is the case? I actually saw something related to cancers before making this blog, so Cancer correlating with metalcore was the first thing I thought of before writing this. There is much more emotion lyrically than most other metal genres when it comes to metalcore, and overall sensitivity.

Also, due to its growing popularity, "traditional" fits with metalcore too. Naturally, there will be flaws to those aspects. Metalcore is seen to be as week, and thus "touchy" connects.

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A common joke is that scene metalcore kids hurt themselves, so "sorry for self" mirrors the idea. Finally, there has been controversy about metalcore considering how many believe its repetitive, so "lazy" can connect to metalcore too. First of all, the term "enthusiastic" reflects off of heavy metal because it tends to sound happier due to the fact it was the dawn of the genre and it still sounded more like rock than anything.

The genre is also corresponding with being creative, considering, well, it was a whole new genre of music when created.

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Heavy metal is also ambitious because it pushed the boundaries of rock and made something so unique. Unfortunately, there were consequences of a new genre.

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A few of the original metal legends are stubborn and believe modern metal has taken a turn for the worse, and doesn't try anything new. Due to that circumstance, "childish" can even relate. Naturally, like thrash, the players of the genre are pretentious and vain. Therefore, Leo translates best to traditional heavy metal.

It was difficult thinking of what would fit for Virgo, but I concluded black metal would be best. This is so because most black metal musicians are reliable when it comes to producing consistent music.

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Also, with consistency comes efficiency, a positive trait correlating to Virgos. The main negative traits that give me a reason that black metal is the best for Virgo is the description "critical. However, there's not much else basis to this part.

I'm actually listening to some classic stoner, Kyuss, while writing this! Being one of the older metal subgenres, stoner is well-cultured in the community, having much of its own history. There is also a strong artistic nature in the style, which makes stoner so unique.

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There's a method for all stoner: to make that shit trippy. Therefore, "methodical" counts as well. There's not much to say when it comes to negative traits. However, like the black metal community, the stoner community will occasionally pout about their bands and how they've changed over time. Queens of the Stone Age for example; some may say they aren't as good as they used to be. Other than that, not much else is to be said. Death metal, like Scorpios, has passion to its demeanor.

There's emotion in every aspect of it, which makes it so iconic in the metal community. Also, death metal is one of those genres that make you want to do things, giving "motivated" a good pair with it.

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Since it's creation, death metal has been combined with different things such as black metal, so "investigative" works as well. Also, "penetrating," though I don't know the original context, it just works for death metal :joy:. For negative traits, of course the description they works best is "violent. Second, "intolerant" can work because of non-fans of the genre and even fans will sometimes judge it. I chose folk metal for Sagittarius because of a few key terms. One of them being "optimistic," which is always what I think of listening to folk metal; a fun, happier metal genre.

It's also adventurous and philosophical in its music and even occasionally religious. Overall, it's one of the "nicer" genres of metal, so it would fit best with Sagittarius. Folk metal can occasionally be annoying because of the happiness, so this works nicely. However, outside of that I can't really think of anything else that could correlate it with Sagittarius.

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They make one of the most inspirational friends someone can ever meet. The way they feel, both emotionally and physically has never been a serious matter for Aries people. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. A post shared by shitty aries memes yourlocalaries on Feb 20, at pm PST. Career is the area of life where ambitious, creative and often driven by the need to be the best they can be. Your perfect home, based on your star sign. Mars is in the work-oriented sign of Capricorn from mid-March to mid-May, which is the perfect time to be ambitious or look for a new or better position.

When an Aries is Angry basically everyone around them will know about it. They are not very good at hiding their frustration and can explode out of nowhere turning into a ranting, raving maniac. They go out and make their own luck. Their ambition is contagious and they inspire their friends to push for more than just mediocrity out of life.

When it comes to their loved ones they would give them just about anything if it would help to make them happy! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Instead they choose to celebrate their wins and focus on their goals and aspirations. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below.